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The Priestess Returns

Nandi and Siza by Shakira Rivers

It began with this image. I was already aware of Shakira Rivers and her wonderful artwork; early in my writing journey I discovered her work on Deviantart and commissioned her to do an image for my story The Dragonslayers. I continued to follow her work, admiring her imagination and progression. Then one day she posted this image and I was captured. I saw a story in the art. I contacted Shakira and asked her if she had a story in mind when she created this piece, and she said she didn't. So I asked if I could create one. She said yes.

I began writing the story, sending chapters to Shakira to update her on my progress. That's when an amazing thing happened. Shakira began sending me illustrations of characters I created for the story. To say that I was happy is an understatement. Her new images added fuel to the creative fires.

Abasi by Shakira Rivers



I eventually finished the story and commissioned Shakira to do the cover art. I released Priestess of nKu as an e-book with hopes to release it as a paperback at a later day. But a funny thing happened. When I revisited the book I felt I didn't tell the story to its full extent. I had also released the Ki Khanga Role Playing Game with Balogun Ojetade, and became interested in telling Nandi's story within the context of that world. So I took the book off the market and began writing a new part for the story in addition to modifying the story to fit into the Ki Khanga universe.

Shakira stepped up once again. Apparently she was having second thoughts about the original cover art. One day I receive a new image for the cover. Needless to say I was ecstatic.

Priestess of nKu original cover art

Priestess of nKu new cover art

I finally completed the revisions and I must say the overall story is stronger for it. By giving more background to Nandi and her people, the story has a deeper emotional impact, and by placing in the Ki Khanga universe I'm able to share more details on the world and its people. I'm so grateful that Shakira was interested enough to contribute to the storytelling as well.

Priestess of nKu is available now as an e-book and a paperback preorder. The e-book includes Shakira's illustrations, as will the paperback. The Priestess returns and I think you will enjoy her story. To find out more, visit

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