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A Debt To Pay

Samaat and Vel are brothers, but they have never been fond of each other. A mutual discretion forces them to leave their home of Sivadu to partake on a months long journey neither of them look forward to. But it is during this excursion to discover the secrets of their family origins that they find a bond that might bring them closer . . . or push them further apart.

A Debt To Pay takes place in an alternate North America where Native Americans, exiled Europeans and adventures Africans forge a world of Steamfunk and Sword and Soul. It's an adventure like you've never imagined!


Hadithi and the state of black speculative fiction

Hadithi [n. fable, story] is a new hybrid birthed from the collaboration of two writers with heritage in the African diaspora.

It features seven short stories - three original - of ancestry, soul, continuity, discontinuity as well as steampunk, cyberfunk and a dieselfunk superhero story set in the '20s, together with a scholarly dialogue on the global state of black speculative fiction. Hadithi offers the kind of afrofuturistic diversity you might expect from a duality of curious writers unafraid to cross the borders of normalcy. 

"Rich, strange and compelling...distinctive... inventive... Hadithi is just stunning. You won't see the world in the same way again." Award-winning author and distinguished scholar Dominique Hecq, MA, Dip Ed, PhD 


"Eugen Bacon and Milton Davis come together for Hadithi & The State of Speculative Black Fiction to share a compelling addition to the commentaries and canon of black literature" - Aurealis

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Playing the odds

For nearly twenty years corporate security cyborg Carlos Mejia has lived a life of danger and privilege in the United Cites. But one day he receives a life-changing contact. The corporation that employed him and funded his tech has gone bankrupt, and now he is an asset to be collected and liquidated! Desperate to stay alive, Carlos seeks the help of street hacker Michelle Carter to dump his tech and become 'normal.' What they discover is a conspiracy that threatens to set the United Cities on a destructive path . . . unless they stop it.

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