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Current Releases

black rose - front cover working 1.jpg

The first historical fiction novel by Milton J. Davis takes takes place in 15th century East Africa and Japan! 

Swahili merchant Kesi Masanja (Black Rose) takes responsibility of Danuja Tanaka after her family is killed by rival shoguns. Together they navigate the challenges of their societies while struggling with the legacies of their families.

Muscadine Wine final.jpg

Lightning bugs on a summer evening. A lazy river filled from a spring rain. The taste of honeysuckles. The aroma of wild grapes ripe on the vine. A collection of fantasy and contemporary fiction stories set in Southwest Georgia based on the experiences of author Milton J. Davis, Muscadine Wine is a personal homage to the land and Black people of South Georgia.

Changa and the jade obelisk 2.jfif

The safari continues! In this exciting issue, Prince Zakee tells the story of Bahati, and Panya decides to take the matter of dealing with the the sorceress and the Jade Obelisk into her own hands, with unexpected results! Beware the hyenamen!

My books are available at and anywhere books are sold.

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