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Sorghum and Spear: The Way of Silk and Stone

I was intrigued about this short story collection because of my familiarity with the comic book and the creator. When I saw the list of contributing authors, intrigue transformed into anticipation. I was not disappointed. Each author added their unique stamp to the world of the An'Fre, expanding its mythology in imaginative ways. The collection begins with a heartfelt dedication to Valjeanne Jeffers, an amazing Black Speculative Fiction author and pillar of the indie Black Speculative Fiction movement gone too soon; and Nichelle Nichols, the Queen of Black Science Fiction, a creative contributor to this amazing world and inspiration to creator and author Dedren Sneed. While all the stories are great, some resonated with me more than others, such as Themba's Test by Nicole Givens Kurtz, Battle-Axe by Zelda Knight, and Blade of the Isha by Sarah A. Macklin. And then there's Eshe, the language guide for the An'Fre, an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I think Sorghum and Spear: The Way of Silk and Stone is a must read for any Sword and Soul fan and an important addition to the subgenre in particular and Sword and Sorcery in general.

You can order Sorghum and Spear: The Way of Silk and Stone today from MVmedia. Just click the link below:

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