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Review: The Protector by Marcus H. Roberts

The Protector is a comic book series created by Marcus H. Roberts, co-owner of Second Sight Publishing. Currently there are two books. The first is an origin story about the main character, while the second is a short adventure which segues into a tale from the past.

Set in Africa, The Protector Book One tell the tale of Dumbara, the greatest warrior of Ontswa village. Dumbara's reputation is known throughout the region, and he represents his people in ritualized duels they have chosen instead of warfare to settle differences. Dumbara eventually becomes 'prideful and mean-spirited,' resulting in him killing an innocent person based on an illicit rumor. Dumbara is stripped of his weapons and status, beaten, then banished. Starving and on the edge of death, he begs the gods to save him, vowing to spend eternity making up for the wrongs he inflicted on his people. His wish is granted. Dumbara is guided by the Earth Mother, and is assisted by a power spiritual rhino. Together they protect the Ontswa from threats without and within.

In The Protector Book Two, Dumbara thwarts the sale of an artifact special to his people. The book then tells the story of the artifact, referring to a time before Dumbara.

I enjoyed both books. Marcus calls The Protector Sword and Soul, and lists Charles Saunders and Yours Truly as inspirations for the story. I agree with him that these tales are definitely Sword and Soul and are important additions to the legacy. Dumbara is an immortal, so there is lots of room for future storytelling. I hope Marcus continues to do so. Marcus just shipped out rewards from his successful Protector Kickstarter, so the book are not quite available. However, if you're interested, you can DM him from his Facebook page or visit The Protector page.

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