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Review: Quirky Black Sci-Fi Tales Volume 1 by M'Shai S. Dash

Quirky Black Sci-Fi Tales by M'Shai S. Dash is a collection of five short stories. The description on the back of the books is as follows:

Five young women embark on journeys that leave them forever changed in these mind-bending tales full of aliens, monsters, lovers and friends. Each of these spellbinding stores feature heroines of he verge of upending the word they know, using courage they never knew they had. Quirky Black Sci-Fi Tales: Volume 1 blends unfeigned humor, warmth, and peculiarity in a debut collection that celebrates Black women as survivors, adventurers and champions.

I purchased QBSFT from the author, M'Shai S. Dash at Multiverse 2021. I've known her on social media for quite some time and have read and enjoyed non-fiction writing by her, so I was anxious to read her first foray into Black Speculative Fiction. I was not disappointed. Four of the stories combine contemporary situations with extraordinary circumstances, and M'Shai does an excellent job blending them together. The fifth story is straight science fiction and is enjoyable as well. Ms. Dash gives us full, well-rounded characters with emotional depth, each dealing with their situations with strength and power. Her prose is engaging, and her descriptions are detailed and witty. I enjoyed the book, and I'm looking forward to Quirky Black Sci-Fi Tales Volume 2. An excellent debut by a new fiction author.

You can purchase Quirky Black Sci-Fi Tales from Amazon and anywhere books are sold.

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