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Hell At The Way Station - A Review

If you know me, you know I’m not naturally attracted to the horror genre. But for some explicable reason, most of my author friends are horror writers, so I find myself reading their books because I respect their talents and because . . . well, peer pressure. I’m happy that all these circumstances led to me to read Hell At The Waystation by Marc Abbot and Steven Van Patten. This is an enjoyable book, if the term enjoyable can be used to describe horror. The stories are engaging, horrific, and fresh. Throw away your conventional notions of horror. With Hell At The Waystation, you get alien vegetables, possessed bathroom fixtures, voracious arachnids and all sorts of unexpected terrors. Even when you encounter those familiar horror characters, they appear in surprising and imaginative situations. Now some of these descriptions might make you smile, but don’t drop your guard. This is a horror story collection, and Marc and Steven deliver. The stories are tied together by an over arching tale that’s a great example of the authors’ friendship, wit, and gift of narrative. It’s a book that keeps you engaged from beginning to end. So get your favorite beverage, make your favorite snack, then sit down and enjoy your time at the Waystation.

You can get your copy here:

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