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From The Ashes

The common trope for post-apocalyptic stories is a world devastated by some natural or man-made disaster, resulting in civilization collapsing into some no-tech/low tech reality. The stories focus on a hero surviving the aftermath, usually a person with a particular skill set that allows him or her to survive. And that's usually it. These stories usually don't give any hope for a better future, or any future. I'm not much of a reader of such stories for that reason. Of the movies I've seen, only The Book of Eli ended with a sense of hope, with the exception that the anti-hero of the story dies after passing on knowledge that might one day bring the Earth back to how it once was.

Denzel Washington in The Book of Eli. Directed by the Hughes Brothers

Gunman's Peace fast forwards the typical post apocalyptic scenario to a time where humans have survived the worst and are now trying to recreate civilization. They scavenge the wreckage of the former world, piecing together technology the best way they can. The level of survival depends on the technology available and the ingenuity of the inhabitants. Warlords control most regions, their armies bolstered by mercenaries known as gunmen. Moses Pritchard, our main character, is a gunman who tired of the killing and sought refuge in Newlanta, the most advanced city-state in the region formally known as Georgia. The former capital city of Georgia has chosen a path of peaceful unity, forming a society of mutual support and growing a system based on sustainability and blind equality. But the city is under threat from aggressive warlords, so they must create their own military to protect their progress. Moses secret is discovered and he finds himself working again, yet this time to defend a way of life that may lead to a better future for all.

Although Guman's Peace is filled with action, the underlying question in the series is, if people have a chance to rebuild society, would they build it the way it was? Some would immediately answer yes, but the response is not quite that simple. The world the way it was led to the world being destroyed. Logic would dictate that the New World should be different in order to avoid the sins of the past. But are humans capable of building a sustainable, prosperous world without the specter of violence looming in the background?

This is the question I hope to explore. Gunman's Peace is the first book of the Gunman's trilogy. Moses and a host of memorable characters will struggle against opposing forces, both outside and inside, as they try to build a society that is equal, peaceful and sustainable. The major question is, can a society exist peacefully without being prepared for war?

Gunman's Peace is now available for pre-order at MVmedia, LLC and other booksellers. The official release is April 8, 2019. I hope you'll take the time to join me on this journey.

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