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Black Speculative Flashback: Retro-KM

Edward Uzzle was one of the first indie Black Speculative Fiction authors I met. I was searching for fellow self published authors, and I discovered his site. We began communicating and became internet friends. Edward introduced me to a number of groups on the web focusing on Black authors in general, and a few focused on Black science fiction and fantasy. So when he released Retro-KM in 2009, I quickly picked it up. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. Edward was also the first Black author that created a name for his work: Cifer-RA (High Science Entertainment.

Here's the official description of Retro-KM:

Set in what used to be the Americas; now a dystopic and balkanized litter of Nation-States. A surreal glimpse into the spiritual growth of a warrior-soldier from an emerging Black nation. It is a startling vision of ethnic conflict, voudon technologies, and soul bending revelations. Retro-KM is novel that embodies a brand new genre of speculative fiction; cifer-RA (High-Science-Entertainment), brought to you by Daathrekh Publishing.

In Edward's world, a war rages between Ta-Amenta, a Black nation which used to be the southeastern United States and New America. The main character, Kashta, describes Ta-Amenta as ' a merger of 22nd Century Vudoun technologies, African Spirtual Cultivation systems and mundane cultural elements fashioned by our Mystic scientists.' Retro-KM was the first true Black Science fiction novel I ever read. Edward developed unique technology for Ta-Amenta as he deftly weaved science fiction with social commentary of a future, fragmented America.

Edward is an enigmatic person; from time to time I'll see him on various platforms. Although it's been eleven years since its release, I'm still hopeful that Edward will appear with a sequel to this unique and engrossing book.

You can check out Retro KM on Amazon:

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