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Black Speculative Fiction Flashback: The Seedbearing Prince by DaVaun Sanders

I discovered this book the same way I discovered Carole McDonnell's Wind Follower. I was searching the internet for Black science fiction images and this amazing cover image popped up without the title. The minute I saw it, I had to find out what it was attached to. And I'm glad I did.

Here's the official blurb:

Dayn Ro'Halan is a farmer's son sworn to a life of plowing on his homeworld, Shard. After finding a lost artifact called a Seed, he's thrust into an ancient conflict between voidwalkers of the hated world Thar'Kur, and Defenders from a floating fortress called the Ring. Dayn must become a Seedbearer and learn to use the Seed's power to shape worlds before the entire World Belt is lost.

I purchased The Seedbearing Prince and I was not disappointed. DaVaun created an amazing world filled with interesting characters. Dayn Ro' Halan is a Black boy who possesses an object that will determine the fate of his world, and we get to grow with him as he discovers his abilities and his fate As the title suggests, this is the first book of a series and each book is as exciting and engaging as the previous one. DaVaun gave us Black Boy Joy before we knew we needed it, and I'm waiting anxiously for him to continue the series. This is a book that would make a great streaming series, a trauma free young adult science fiction series filled with excitement and wonder. I consider it a must read.

You can purchase The Seedbearing Prince: Part I and the follow up books on Amazon.

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