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Black Indie Spec Fiction Authors You Should Know - Part One

I've been a Black Indie Speculative Fiction author and publisher for 13 years. Over those years I've met a lot of other Black authors that write great books, but because of circumstances and the nature of the business, haven't received the recognition I feel they deserve. Although the current boom in Black Speculative Fiction is recent, it's a movement that has existed for a long time, and some of us that have been writing and self publishing all this time are finally beginning to see interest in what we do.

A few months ago I was asked to make a list of my fellow authors who I felt deserved attention. I balked. Lists make me nervous. There's always someone I think about after I've submitted the list, and there's always a chance someone I know might feel slighted if I didn't include them. But recently I changed my mind. I decided that if I I shared my own list, flawed or not, it might spur others to share as well and in the end shine more light on authors that deserve more attention.

So I contacted a few friends who are avid readers of Black indie speculative fiction authors. I asked them make a list of 25 authors. I took their list, compared it with mine, then chose the authors that appeared on all the lists. These are the authors that appear on all lists.

Jeff Carroll -

Gerald Coleman -

Crystal Conner -

Lynn Emery -

Keith 'D.K.' Gaston -

William Hayashi -

Valjeanne Jeffers -

Alan Jones -

Ronald Jones -

Nicole Given Kurtz -

Kai Leakes -

Kyoko M -

Carole McDonnell -

Violette Meier -

Cerece Renee Murphy -

Balogun Ojetade -

Steve Van Patten -

Eden Royce -

Aziza Sphinx -

Zig Zag Claybourne -

Please don't consider this a comprehensive list. It's only a starting point, the tip of the iceberg. There are Black indie authors I included on my list that didn't show on the others and visa versa. I encourage everyone that reads this blog to add to this list in the comments section. I hope you find this list helpful to beginning or continuing you exposure to some great Black Indie Speculative authors and their wonderful worlds.

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