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Review: Cluth's Call by Gavin Matthew

Cluth's Call by Gavin Matthew is one of the most interesting novels I've read in some time. I'm not a cosmic horror reader, but I was interested in reading more by Gavin after publishing his story Train, Pain and Naturals in the Spyfunk! Athology. Gavin is a disciple of the '70s, a time I spent as a teenager, so his stories have a special resonance with me. I expected he would bring that same vibe to Cluth's Call, and I wasn't disappointed.

Cluth's Call centers around Maceo 'Pookie' Moreland, a former Black activist/militant now occult librarian working for the O.R.I., a shadow agency that investigates and battles things of otherworldly origins. Helena La Croix, is a no-nonsense, shoot first ask questions later O.R.I. agent that provides the firepower when needed. They're investigating the attack on a local hospital by a particularly nasty demon and find themselves in danger. They are saved by Pookie's spiritual powers, which are enhanced by an entity that entered Pookie's consciousness years ago and seeks to use him as a portal. That's entity is Cluth.

This was an interesting and entertaining read. I loved the setting and how Gavin weaved in the seventies style, tone and attitude. The slang hit home for me, and some of the personalities reminded me of people I grew up with back in the day. My best friend's sister and one of my high school teachers had been Black Panthers, and I had a number of relatives that were active in the Civil Rights movement. The book is well paced, and the climatic chapters are an action-filled ride to an unexpected conclusion.

I enjoyed Cluth's Call, and I'm looking forward to reading more of Gavin Matthew's work. I hope he continues to keep it funky. You can check out Gavin and purchase Cluth's Call at his website,

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