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Review: Bride of the River God by Sarah A. Macklin

Sarah Macklin is one of my favorite authors, so when I discovered Dancing Star Press was releasing this novella, I preordered it immediately. I wasn't disappointed.

Bride of the River God is an African inspired story about Anene, a young woman who has been chosen to become the betrothed of the river god Nniro. She accepts her fate reluctantly, sad for the life she would be denied. When she is finally delivered to her husband, she makes a startling discovery that sends her on a journey that will decide her fate and the future of her people.

I enjoyed this story. Sarah does an excellent job of sharing Anene's journey in vivid detail with a style that pays homage to various African and African Diaspora storytellers. The beings she encounters along the way are personable, interesting and oftentimes dangerous, adding spice and unpredictability to the story. It's a short yet satisfying read. I highly recommend it if you're a Sword and Soul reader, and if you just like good stories. Bride of the River God is another well deserved feather in Sarah Macklin's cap. I'm looking forward to more stories and novels from her.

You can purchase Bride of the River God directly from Dancing Star Press or Amazon by following the links below:

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