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ConCarolinas 2024 Recap

Last weekend I returned to ConCarolinas, my second time attending in as many years. Last year I was honored to be their Literary Guest of Honor, and it was a great time. This year I attended as a guest, and had just as good a time. Well, actually, I had a better time for three reasons. Reason one; I received the Polaris Award, an honor given by the con to people they feel have had a positive impact on the Southeastern U.S. speculative fiction community. It's always nice to be recognized for your work, even when it's something you get satisfaction from just doing.

Reason two; I love seeing old friends, making new friends, and finally meeting long-time social media friends 'in real life.' Last but not least, I sold a lot of books. As a matter of fact I sold twice as many books than last year, when I was literary guest of honor!

Like I said earlier, I met some great folks. It was really cook meeting author Kevin J. Anderson. Anyone that has worked on the Dune series is a friend of mine. Dune is one of my favorite books and a blueprint for a lot of my books. We had a great conversation, and I hope to talk to him in the future.

Once again, ConCarolinas didn't disappoint. Big ups to John Hartness and the CC crew for once doing it well and doing it right.

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