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Atlantafuturism Summer Reading List

It's summer! Time for relaxing vacations to the mountains, the beach, or whatever your preferred space to max and relax. And that means taking the time to read a book or three. Here's a list of books from our talented Atlantafuturism authors that should be at the top of your list.

A Corruption of Gilded Ashes by Jessica Cage

In the world of Eldritch the Griffins have lived at the top of the food chain for centuries. One of the first developed species, they’ve held their station and influence over the world with little contention. But the effects of time are unavoidable and often damaging.

A Corruption of Gilded Ashes is a part of the Shared World Collection presented by Jessica Cage.

Available July 11, 2023

Steel Reign: Flight of The Starship Concord

by Brandon A Cosby

A Thief turned Spy, turned Bounty Hunter, turned Hero!

After surviving an all-out implosion of catastrophic proportions following the failed fusion of twin stars Mira A and B in a class B Supernova, the people of galaxy Proxima Centauri have pressed forward with dreams and hopes of finally living in peace. But for Bounty Hunter Steel Reign, the clock of destiny is speeding ahead at a steadfast pace as he desires to hunt down a group of rogue super-soldiers before they can plot against King William Derry and his kingdom on planet Fabricius.

Of Wings and Shadows by Kyoko M

In a modern-day world teeming with marauding dragons, there is only one solution: The Wild Hunt.

The United States government has decided to hold a tournament called The Wild Hunt to determine who will be responsible for the capture of wild dragons by the Knight Division. The four challengers Noah Wilson, Charlie Howard, Su Jin Han, and Beowulf have to catch five deadly dragons alive if they want to win the tournament and become the new Knight Division dragon hunters. Their journey will take them through the mountains of South Carolina, the seas of Key West, the caverns of Ruby Falls, the Redwood forest, and finally, the murky bayous of Louisiana. Will they succeed against their competition, or will the dragons of the Wild Hunt be too wild to tame?

All other retailers:

The Burning Queen by Aziza Sphinx

Things are about to get a little hotter in Hell.

It takes a special piece of work to be banished from Hell, and Valdis Rhonwen is a special piece of work. Queen of torture and despised by most, others sought her position and her power. Busy ruling the flourishing thirteenth kingdom, Valdis forgot rule number one -everyone in Hell is out for themselves. Stripped of her power and banished to the upper world, Valid now fights her way back into the fold.

Signed Paperback:

Oracles by Violette Meier

It’s Ma Lily’s 101st birthday and her family is helping her celebrate as she tries fruitlessly to ignore a shadowy entity lurking nearby. Her family sits at her feet drinking in the story of an extraordinary woman recounting her extraordinary life.

Oracles is jam-packed with paranormal thrills, miracles and magic, and a rich family history filled with love and life lessons.

From Earth and Sky by Gerald L. Coleman

“Get ready for a space-faring archaeologist who uncovers an ancient terror on a desolate moon, an immortal who hunts infernal creatures, a celestial being who lands on a polluted planet-destroyed by climate change-to render judgement on its inhabitants, and much more. From Earth and Sky is what Coleman refers to as "Nappy Science Fiction & Fantasy." This collection of short stories explores the broad landscape of the Black Fantastic-Science Fiction and Fantasy centering black protagonists. Coleman is at his best in this engaging and sublime contribution to the genre using what New York Times Bestselling author A. J. Hartley describes as, "Brilliant, incisive language wielded with wit and delicacy. A lightsaber working like a scalpel." Buckle up and prepare for a journey into the Black Fantastic that will carry you from earth to sky.”

Muscadine Wine by Milton J. Davis

Lightning bugs on a summer evening. A lazy river swollen from a spring rain. The taste of honeysuckles. The aroma of wild grapes ripe on the vine. A collection of fantasy and contemporary fiction stories set in Southwest Georgia based on the experiences of author Milton J. Davis, Muscadine Wine is a personal homage to the land and Black people of South Georgia.

Dread Isle by Edward Austin Hall

Uninvited visitors descend on the remote oceanic research outpost that Tim, Pal, and the boys' teacher, Chu, call home. Surrounded by threats of ominous origin, the three of them must determine who can be trusted, how to survive these multiple dangers, and what such choices mean for the world. The results lead them on a postmodern odyssey into the unknown.

The Peoples of Earth and the Three Suns by Rodney Holmes

After "The End", Caleb Turner finds himself among the handful of humans that survived the wrath of a vengeful Earth. he and the others are rescued by the Orisi, the tribe of hue-manity from the Oris-Suli system. While Earth's remnants begin the transition from human to Hue-Man, Caleb's life journey in the cosmos begins. Love, life, and ultimately, understanding one's purpose are the focal points in this story of tragedy, rebirth, and embracing new paradigms.

Terminus 2 by Atlantafuturism

The ATLiens have returned with more Black Fantastic stories! This time the tales range from paranormal, to horror to cyberfunk. Prepare yourself for another amazing ride from Bankhead to Buckhead and beyond!

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